Find out more about the Cabin Crew Diploma - Below outlines exactly what you will receive.

The Cabin Crew Diploma course is an e-learning course that aims to introduce you to the fundamental concepts and principles of working as Cabin About the Cabin Crew DiplomaCrew and the recruitment process. The course is open to persons from all backgrounds looking to become Cabin Crew.  It will enable you to develop the necessary skills to be successful at the recruitment process as well as fully prepare you for when you are accepted by an airline and start your new Cabin Crew career.

Your 24 Study Modules are:

Module 1 - The history of the Cabin Crew position

Module 2 - Criteria to become Cabin Crew and why they are required

Module 3 - Terminology and Definitions

Module 4 - Using the 24 hour clock and the Phonetic Alphabet

Module 5 - Weather conditions that affect flying

Module 6 - Currency Conversion when working as Cabin Crew

Module 7 - Importance of teamwork and communication among Cabin Crew

Module 8 - Personal Presentation of Cabin Crew

Module 9 - Airlines New Entrant Course

Module 10 - An Overview of Normal Cabin Crew Duties

Module 11 - Pre-flight safety briefing of Cabin Crew

Module 12 - The layout of a commercial aircraft

Module 13 - Aircraft communication systems & Passenger Announcements

Module 14 - The Galley and equipment used

Module 15 - Doors and emergency exits

Module 16 - Types of passengers

Module 17 - Cargo carried within the cabin area

Module 18 - Safety and emergency equipment carried on board

Module 19 - Emergency procedures whilst working as Cabin Crew

Module 20 - Evacuation procedures

Module 21 - Ditching - Emergency landing on water

Module 22 - Aviation First Aid

Module 23 - Physiology of flight

Module 24 - Going the extra mile and top tips when working as Cabin Crew

What you will receive


24 Study Modules - see above
24 comprehensive study modules covering all aspects of working as Cabin Crew.  Modules contain videos and interactive flash cards to enhance your learning experience.


24 Revision Tests
Each module has a revision test attached to it.  These tests are designed to test your knowledge of that particular module before moving onto the next.  Each Revision test can be completed as many times as you like. 

Final Course Exam
There is a final exam to complete when you have studied and revised all of the course modules.


Cabin Crew Diploma Certificate
Once your final exam has been taken and passed, your Cabin Crew Diploma Certificate will be posted to you. You can also request a PDF copy to be emailed.

Online Tutor Support
You will receive unlimited course and study support from a dedicated Course Tutor.


Online Recruitment Adviser
Unlimited recruitment advice and support from a dedicated Recruitment Adviser.


Recruitment Manual
You will have access to a printable manual which includes step by step information on how to apply and pass the interview successfully.


Airline Interview Walkthrough
You will have access to individual airlines step by step instructions of their interview process.  Some of the airline interview walkthroughs included are: Emirates, British Airways, Easyjet, Etihad as well as many more.

Latest Cabin Crew Jobs
Up to date Cabin Crew job vacancies direct to your course Noticeboard.


Airline Application Forms
You will have access direct links to either the airlines printable or online application forms.


Application Form Check & Send
A check and send service is offered to ensure that your application forms are filled out correctly before sending.


Notice Board
Included in your course is a Notice Board with the latest course and recruitment news.  As well as up to date Cabin Crew jobs.

Study methods used

Each module has an individual revision test attached to it.  These tests are designed to help you to revise what you have just learn't and give you an idea of the final exam structure.


They help you to retain concepts that you've studied

Reading through the study modules is obviously important - it introduces you to new concepts, formulae and calculation methods from each module. But doing revision tests is what drives it fully home into your brain.

You can read all about riding a bicycle, or how to swim from textbooks all you want. But in the end, you need a certain amount of practice to get used to the feel of how the real thing is.   The revision tests allow you to track your progress and highlight any modules that you may need to study again.  Research shows that by simply completing revision tests  it will massively improve your passing chances.

Flash Cards using The Leitner System

The Leitner System is a popular method of studying with flashcards using spaced repetitio

flashcardHow does it work?

The idea is that the easier it is to recall the material on a flashcard the less often that flashcard will be repeated in the future. The reverse follows. The harder it is to recall the material on a flashcard the more often it will be repeated. The repetition of each flashcard is scheduled, or spaced, in such a way that the learner spends most of their time studying material that is more challenging. Material that has been retained well is studied only occasionally to ensure it has not been forgotten.

Audiovisual material provides a rich medium for learning. Video can effectively communicate complex information to create a motivating, memorable and inclusive learning experience.


Each module is illustrated with photos, diagrams and drawings to enrich your learning experience.

imagessampleWhy does using illustrations improve your learning experience?

The two sides of the brain have different attributes and respond to different stimuli. The left is analytical, verbal, sequential and linear; the right is visual, spatial and holistic. It follows that the left is more logical, responding better to textual material, whilst the right is more imaginative, responding to images. If the right side is not stimulated, it is harder for students to put ideas into context. Studies have shown that the use of relevant images can increase a student's recollection and comprehension of new material.

Keep track of which modules you have studied and how well you are doing for each.


Your progress report will show you the revision tests you have completed and the percentage mark you have gained for each.  The revision tests are coloured coded showing you which ones you need a little more study time on.

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