One of the main reasons for failing to be recruited as Cabin Crew is not being prepared.

We have put together comprehensive cheat guides,  so that you know exactly what to expect and how to conduct yourself during each stage of the recruitment process.


EasyJet Application & Interview Cheat Guides with CV Template

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Find out exactly how to complete your Easyjet Cabin Crew Application form, to ensure you stand out from other applicants! Included is a word Cabin Crew CV Template and Covering Letter Guides. Also find out exactly what happens during an Easyjet Interview. Fully prepare yourself to greatly increase your chances of being recruited.

97% of candidates recruited from this guide!

This EasyJet PDF Guides outlines the following information:

  • Know how to answer those difficult questions
  • Know how to present your application form
  • Understand what the airlines are looking for in your application form.
  • Know what kind of photo the airlines require with your application form
  • Make yourself desirable to the airlines
  • What to prepare for the day
  • How to act during the day
  • How the day is structured
  • What the airline is looking for from candidates
  • How to make sure you stand out from the other candidates
  • 97% of candidates recruited from these guides

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