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No.  You will have unlimited access to the Cabin Crew Diploma.
No.  the whole course is completed online.
Yes. We know that more and more people are browsing the web while they’re on the move, which is why we have designed the Cabin Crew Diploma course to be fully compatible with tablets, smartphones, laptops, iMac and PC's.
Yes you will receive a certificate on passing your final exam.  This certificate will be posted first class as well as a PDF emailed to you.
Yes you will need to achieve 85% or more in your final exam to be awarded your certificate.
Yes, there is no minimum age to signup for the course.  However, you will need to be 18 to take advantage of the full recruitment help offered.
Yes. You have unlimited access to your Cabin Crew Diploma and can use the recruitment help when you reach 18.
Yes, although the some of the airline jobs may not be applicable to you unless you're a UK or European citizen.  However, your recruitment adviser can still help you in applying to airlines within your country.

The minimum age to become Cabin Crew is 18 with most airlines and 21 with Emirates for example.
The airlines are constantly looking for new Cabin Crew throughout the year.  Included in your course is access to the latest Cabin Crew Jobs, which ensures you will always know who is recruiting.
If your tattoo is not obvious and can be hidden with the airlines uniform or covered then you can still apply as Cabin Crew. Very few airlines now have a strict policy of no tattoos.
There is no upper age limit to become Cabin Crew.  The Cabin Crew Diploma has helped many people over 50 to be recruited by airlines as Cabin Crew.
Airlines now look at your overall application and access it on all of your experience and skills gained.
Yes, airlines require you to show when you have worked in teams, provided excellent customer service for example and this can be gained from part time customer service experience.
Any type of job where you have worked with customers/general public.

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